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We pride ourselves on the quality and the breadth of equipment that we can make available to our customers. Below, we have detailed some of the more commonly used equipment. Don't take this list as gospel however, we have an extremely wide ranging inventory so please get in-touch to find out how we can provide just the equipment you require.

Audio > DJ Equipment

DJ Package A: 1x Formula Sound FSM-600 Club/DJ mixer + 1x Denon DN2000F Mk3 twin CD player + All necessary Cables

Synergy Hybrid DJ Mixer: 2 Inputs selectable CD/Line and Phono Level and Microphone Input

Formula Sound FSM-600 Club/DJ mixer: The flagship model of the Formula Sound range, this top of the range mixing desk features 9 line and 1 mic input with Main, Aux, one and Cue outputs.

Technics SL-1210 Turntable: The flagship model of the SL-1200 Range, including digital pitch control and an adjustable braking mechanism.

Pioneer DJM500/600 Mixing Desk

Pioneer CDJ1000 MK1/2/3

Audio > Microphones

Wired Microphones

  • AKG: D112, D5
  • Audix: D6
  • Behringer: XM1800, C2 Stereo Pair
  • EV: RE-20 RE-27, ND767-a, ND347
  • Sennheiser: E965, E835, E815, E604, E614
  • Shure Beta: 57, 58, 87, 91
  • Shure SM: 57, 58

All Wired Microphones are Supplied with Mic Clips. 

Wireless Microphones

As of January 1st 2013, the way radio mics are licensed has changed. Tornado Multimedia are able to supply these modern standard micophones at the same price as always ensuring that you receive the best value for money.

Sennheiser EW312 G3 Ch 38 Lavaliere Wireless Mic
Sennheiser EW335 G3 Ch 38 Handheld Wireless Mic
Sennheiser EW345 G3 Ch 38 Handheld Wireless Mic

Sennheiser EW112 G2 Lavaliere Wireless Mic
Sennheiser EW145 G2 Handheld Wireless Mic
Sennheiser EW135 G1 Handheld Wireless Mic
Sennheiser EW165 G1 Handheld Condenser Wireless Mic
Sennheiser Freeport Lavaliere Wireless Mic

All Wireless Microphones Include: Transmitter, Receiver, PSU and Aerials for Receiver and 1.2m XLR Lead. Low Profile Headsets that are compatible with the Sennheier EW112 G2, EW312 G3 and Freeport Systems are also available. 4 Way Racked Systems also Available.

Audio > Mixing Desks

Midas Pro2c Digital Mixing Console: 56 Mic/Line Inputs, 48/16 AES50 Stage Box, 4 Band Fully Parametric EQ, 16 Mixes (Aux, Group, Mix Minus), 8 DCAs, 6 Pop Groups, 8 Hybrid Mix/Matrix, Full Surround Mixing Support.

Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console with Midas Pre-Amps: 32 Mic/Line Inputs, 4 Band Fully Parametric EQ, 16 Aux Sends, 8 DCAs, 6 Matrix Sends, LCR Main Outputs.

Allen & Heath ML4000 Mixing Desk: 40 Mono Inputs, 8 Stereo Inputs, 4 EQ Bands with 2 Swepped Mids, 10 Aux Sends, 8 Groups and 8 VCAs, 12x4 Matrix, Direct Outputs and both Stereo and Mono Master Outputs.

Allen & Heath MixWiz 16:2 Mixing Desk: 16 Mono Inputs, 4 EQ Bands with 2 Swepped Mids, 6 Aux Sends, Direct Outputs and both Stereo and Mono Master Outputs.

Behringer UB1202 Mixing Desk: 4 Mono Inputs, 4 Stereo Inputs, 3 EQ Bands, 1 Aux Send.

Audio > Outboard Units

Behringer Sharc DSP: 1 Channel Compressor, Feedback Destroyer, Gate, Delay, and Low Cut Filter

Behringer FBQ6200 Graphic Equaliser: 2 Channel 31 Band Graphic EQ with Low and High Shelving Filters, Per Channel Limiters and Subwoofer Output.

Behringer MDX1400 Compressor/Limiter: 2 Channel Compressor, Limiter, Gate, Expander and Sonic Enhancer

Audio > PA Speakers, Amplifiers and Packages

dBTechnologies Basic 100: 1" + 10" Active/Powered Speaker, 117dB Max

dBTechnologies Opera 415: 1" + 15" Active/Powered Speaker, 127dB Max

Fohhn Xperience XT-33: 1" + 12" 500w Passive Speaker, 130dB Max

EV ELX112: 1.5" + 12" 300w Passive Speaker, 132 dB Max

Auditorium SB115A: 15" 500w Passive Subwoofer, 131dB Max

EV ELX118: 18" 800w Passive Subwoofer, 134dB Max

HZ SB18: 18" 500w Passive Subwoofer, 131 dB Max

These speakers are also available as pre-configured packages making any event simple to setup.

PA Package A: 2x dBTechnologies Basic 100 + Stands & Cables (150 people*)

PA Package B: 2x EV ELX112 tops + Stands, Cables & Amplification (300 people*)

PA Package C: 2x dBTechnologies Basic 100 tops and 2x Auditorium SB115 subs + Stands, Cables & Amplification (upto 200 people*)

PA Package D: 2x dBTechnologies Opera 415 tops and 2x Auditorium SB115 subs + Stands, Cables & Amplification (upto 300 people*)

PA Package E: 2x EV ELX112 tops and 2x HZ SB18 subs + Stands, Cables & Amplification (upto 350 people*)

PA Package F: 2x EV ELX112 tops and 2x EV ELX118 subs + Stands, Cables & Amplification (400 people*)

PA Package G: 2x Fohhn Xperience XT-33 and 2x XS-30 subs + Stands & Cables (450 people*)

PA Package H: 2x OPUS CS Series Top Box and 2x OPUS 4x15"subs + Cables and Amplification (1000 people*)

*Estimates dependant on Room Type and Source Material

Lighting > Colour Mixing

We stock two different compact colour mixing luminaries. Both have DMX capabilities and are supplied with hook clamp, power cable and safety bond.

Showtec RGB Theatre Spot: Red, Green and Blue Colour filters with individual lamps provide limitless colour mixing. The unit uses 3 A1/244 500w Projection Lamps, giving the unit the ability to make it's mark on the stage while still remaining compact at less than 8kg.

Acme iColour4 RGBY Flood:Red, Green, Blue and Yellow Colour Filters with individual linear halogen lamps provide colour mixing over a large flood area in a compact unit.

Lighting > Control Systems

Chamsys MagicQ System: MagicQ MiniWing, Control Laptop, 22" Touchscreen and Free On-Site training*
The MagicQ system provides upto 32 Universes (16,384 Channels) of Control for unlimited fixtures

Chamsys MagicQ Dongle: MagicDMX USB-DMX Adapter, supplied FREE** with the hire of 2 or more DMX Fixtures

Behringer LC2412: 24 Channels of Generic Control

Showtec 4 Channel Dimmer: 4 Channels of 5a Dimming on 2x IEC Connectors, DMX Control, sound to light optional.

Zero88 Betapack 2 and 3 Dimmers: 6 Channels of 10a Dimming on 2x 15a Connectors. DMX Control


*4 Hours Maximum, first time hires only.

** On request, laptop and software not supplied

Lighting > Generic and LED Lanterns

All lanterns are provided with a hook clamp and safety bond.

CCT SIL30: 1000w 18-40degree Zoom Profile

Led Par 56: Available in both Silver and Black, these lightweight lanterns are perfect for where low power and hassle free lighting is needed. All with the added bonus of almost unlimited colour choice.

Par56: 300w Compact Parcan with a choice of Spot or Flood Lamps

Par56 Floor Can: As above but without a hook clamp to facilitate use on the floor

Selecon Acclaim Fresnel: 650w Fresnel with a large zoom range

ETC Source 4 Par: 575w Par Style Lantern, Equivalent to 1000w Par64m available with a range of lenses.

Lighting > Intelligent Lighting and Effects

MS Lighting MVS575I Moving Yolk Profile: Fully DMX capable, 16 Channels of Control

  • 540deg Pan/270deg Tilt
  • Dimmer/Shutter
  • Static Gobo Wheel
  • Rotating Gobo Wheel
  • Rotating Prism/Focus/Iris
  • 2x Colour Wheel

Lanta Neptune Wash 18: 18x 3w RGB Led Moving Head, Sound to Light and DMX modes, lightweight and compact.

QTX FX1000 Haze Machine: A compact and lightweight haze machine capable of adding atmosphere to any production.


Revostage 2x1: 2x1m Lightweight staging sections.

Revostage 1x1: 1x1m Lightweight staging sections.


7000 Lumen Full HD Sanyo LCD Projector

2700 Lumen XGA (1024x768) LCD projectors

Assorted Lenses for the Above

Assorted Lengths of VGA Cable

Various Presentation Laptops

Custom Built Intel i7 Media Server:

  • Resolume Arena 4
  • Intel i7 920 Processor
  • 12GB DDR3 Ram
  • 2x 64GB SSD in Raid0 for ultimate speed
  • 500GB HDD providing backup
  • 6x Full HD Graphics Outputs
  • Optional DVI Capture Card
  • Optional HD-SDI Capture Card

Contact us for more information